Alcohol, Beer, & Wine delivery service in Lincoln Nebraska…

Alcohol delivery Lincoln NeIt is no secret that we do deliveries of all sorts of items. We do a good amount of beer runs for folks. And are also happy to deliver you a bottle of wine from fine cuisine restaurants such as The Oven or The Parthenon. We also deliver from established local retailers such as Meier’s Cork ‘n Bottle. Whatever you are looking for we can probably find it in Lincoln.

Obviously there are some rules that one has to follow here. Your group must be willing so provide proof of age to accept delivery of alcoholic beverages. This many times means everyone in the general area. If it is obvious that mischief is afoot…we are required to report it. So please don’t cause us to have to ruin your party by asking us to do a delivery that is obviously against the law.

We also will be happy to deliver cigarettes and cigars also. Same general rule applies, if you look younger than thirty it is certain that we will ask you for your ID before handing you your smokes. This always seems so obvious but every now and then we do have to refuse delivery to someone for attempting to find a way around the system.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We have recently had to change our policy on Alcohol Deliveries.  You MUST call in your order to The Still or another liquor store and have them take your credit card over the phone.  Due to the current liquor laws in Nebraska the payment for the alcohol must take place completely at the store.  The Still’s number is 402-423-1875.  Please understand that these companies do reserve the right to not fulfill your order if they so choose.