El Sitio Mexican Restaurant moves up! Beautiful NEW Location…

EL Sitio Mexican Lincoln NeEl Sitio Mexican Restaurant moved to their new location back in December. Most will remember the little place over on 17th & Van Dorn. This is a restaurant that is known around the neighborhood quite well but it is good and time that the rest of Lincoln got over there to check out the new place. In the summer it was very common to see tons of bicycles leaned up in front of the old locale as it was just a few blocks from the bike path. I hope that folks will bike over from the Hwy 2 bike paths also in the warmer months. It seemed it was part of what made El Sitio that place to be.

The new location is at 47th & Pioneers. Most will remember this fondly as the former Paul’s BBQ location. The building has undergone a pretty awesome transformation. Tile countertops, all black tables and chairs, and great lighting accents. In the evenings you can see the purple highlights one the front bar area. There is a dedicated chips and salsa bar also. Was very impressed with the new location.

Things that were great before are still the same. And they moved their large chrome insects over to the new locale also. For some the huge chrome grass hopper and praying mantis were icons of the 17th & Van Dorn location. This is the old menu but basically all the same food but new one looks a lot more polished. In fact that word describes well what El Sitio has done with their whole concept. This is a wonderful local neighborhood restaurant that is ready to build on their success. Their culture of regulars may change just a little bit with being just a few blocks from Union College. With the affordable pricing and distance from the school it is sure to become a haven for students and faculty at the college. And you don’t have to just take my word for it, Mr. Wilson has a take on it also. Give El Sitio Mexican a try if you have not been there yet.

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