Lincoln Food Truck Carnival…a new tradition to continue!

Food Truck Delivery Lincoln NeLincoln Nebraska has really embraced the food truck movement in town. The Asian Heoya pioneered this movement in town but has lead to several other trucks and trailers around town. There are also a few Mexican trucks but I don’t see them open on a consistent basis. The most notable of future food trucks being name Curbside Catering, and it appears they will be up and rolling very soon. It is something different but the main drive of these trucks is a simple concept, they make great food that is not what everyone else is selling in town. GUP Kitchen and A La CARTe joined the movement with their distinctive menus. The later two also followed a similar unique use of social media to get the word out on locations and menu items. This is a brilliant use of free tools available to not only market their product but to keep their customers connected and excited about their offerings.

Every other Saturday night these three truck converge on one location, 27th and N Street for a food extravaganza. They will be on this corner lot from 6:30 to 9pm. The lines were very long last time so be ready to be a little patient, but the prize is so worst the wait. And if you happen to miss this weekend…don’t worry they are open all week long also. And they will all be together once again on the same lot two weeks from now.

Now a sweet little surprise to top off the whole party, Serendipities Cupcakes will be joining them this weekend. So you can get dinner and a desert there also. Serendipities Cupcakes is located at 27th & Superior and has turned up the heat on the cupcake wars in Lincoln. And of course if you would choose to have any of the above delivered…well you all know what to do so no need to tell you again and again. 🙂

If you would like to read some reviews, Jeff Korbelik of The Lincoln Journal Star has wrote on each of them. Most recently was the article on A La CARTe. Here are the links for the reviews of both Heoya and GUP Kitchen also. So there is a lot of material to read up on but the proof is really in the tastes of the food served therein.