Pepe’s Bistro to open Lincoln’s only Vegetarian Food Truck

Pepe’s Bistro is going to be adding a food truck to the Lincoln, Ne market very soon. Pepe’s Bistro is located at 62nd & Havelock. The menu is vegan & vegetarian food prepared using fresh, local, and organic ingredients. The daily dishes do lean to the Latin side in most cases. Some are spicy and some are not. If you don’t like spicy, mild is always possible and Pepe will make it so. The menu is never really the same so you show up, see what is cooking, and you have some of that. There are some standard menu items that stay the same. But it is what is cooking at the moment that may be the most interesting. It is a pretty cool experience and the atmosphere is just as relaxed and as organic as the food there. You can see what is cooking on a regular basis on the Facebook page. Only thing you do need to remember is that if you swing over there is to bring a little cash or a check. Of course if you order through Errandbug we will always accept your credit or debit card for payment. And if you happen to be riding your bike by Pepe’s, stop in and you get a little discount for just being an awesome bike rider. All skill levels of riders are welcome 🙂

Pepe’s Bistro’s Food Truck would have a very unique fit in Lincoln. It would join a growing number of food trucks in the Lincoln market but would be the only one currently as an exclusively vegetarian option. With the explosion of food trucks lately I am finding it more unlikely that the City Council will change the existing ordinance, which allows food trucks to park in a public right of way for only 10 minutes. So as it is right now the food trucks must be parked on privately owned lots to operate. I don’t really see that changing with the number of new trucks popping up now. I could see the City Council selling permits to operate in certain spots as a work around. The issue there is making enough profit to make paying for the permit a good option. We love the food trucks and their flexible locations that make it possible for different tastes all over town. The warm weather has really helped these vendors to shine and bring Lincoln, Ne some great new foods. And the excitement level all of them have brought to Lincoln is incredible to feel.

One thing you can do to is help get this food truck on the Streets. Pepe is in need of some additional funding to make this happen. You can donate online at Kickstarter.