Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s is Now OPEN and ready for you!

Wahoos Fish Tacos Lincoln NeWahoo Fish Taco’s is now open downtown. This is a little different experience from other places in the downtown area. Walking into the restaurant is a little like walking into a surf or skateboard shop. They have the place decorated very much to a surfer vibe. The general attitude is very appealing and positive.

The name of the restaurant is a little deceptive. As Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s serves a lot more than just fish tacos. Their menu is full of surprises. They obviously have tacos, but also burritos, salads, and a host of bowls. Their options include everything from chicken to vegetarian and tofu. So their is definitely something on the menu that you will love. On top of that they do have a full service in house bar also.

Wahoo’s is going to find a very unique fit in the downtown area and we are excited to see the options that P Street is bringing to Lincoln, NE! The downtown area despite the obstacles in parking has become a hot spot lately for new and fresh restaurants in Lincoln and it is great to see our downtown are growing and vibrant when others city’s in America struggle to keep their downtown areas full of life. Kudos to those in Lincoln that continue to focus on keeping downtown exciting and new.

Wahoos Fish Tacos Delivery Lincoln NeWahoos Fish Tacos Delivery Lincoln NeWahoos Fish Tacos Delivery Lincoln Ne