Restaurants OPEN Christmas Day 2012 in Lincoln, NE

Restaurants Open Christmas Day Lincoln NeHere is a quick link to the 2013 Restaurants OPEN Christmas Day Page.

Probably the biggest question we hear from folks around Christmas time is what is still open on Christmas Day. Well here is the official list of what we KNOW will be open that day. Most restaurants are open on Christmas Eve however most are closing their doors for the holiday around 4-6pm that evening. But there are a few standouts that are keeping their doors open. But do be advised…if the restaurant is not busy do may close earlier than expected. We will be delivering on Christmas day but also may close for a few hours for a family brunch also.

If you like Chinese food, China Wall way out there by the Walmart at 85th & Hwy 2 will be open during the day, night hours are up in the air at this point. And the Sakura China Buffet will also be open all day on Christmas and Christmas Eve also.

Village Inn will be open from 7AM until around 4PM. The Cobbler Cafe, aka Shoemaker’s Truck Stop, will also be open from 11am to 7pm. We highly recommend them also for some great eats. They have a new menu in the works also.

The busiest restaurant in town on Christmas again this year will fall to each years champion, IHOP. They will be open around the clock as usual, 24 hours a day.

Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar will be opening at 5pm on Christmas Day. This is the home of some awesome eats. From huge burgers to soups & salads. There is definitely something on their menu for just about everyone. They serve food til 10pm. Their bar is open til normal close time of 2am.

The Starlite Lounge in the Lincoln Haymarket will also be open most of Christmas Day. And Grata will be open for business also.

The Wendy’s at 48th & Vine will be open in the even on Christmas. They will be open from 4pm to 10pm. This is the only Wendy’s that will be open in Lincoln.

We also found The Garage will be open after 5pm. Big Sals is open, Many of the McDonalds, Pat’s BBQ & Ramos Pizza, And Popeye’s Chicken at 48th & Vine are also open. One or two of the D’leon’s Mexican Restaurants may be open also but others were closed. Staff at the West O Street D’leons said they would be open all night but did say most of the locations would be closed in the evening. We have heard but not been able to confirm that the Sonic Drive In on North 27th will be open during the day on Christmas.

So there are still some options for that special day of the year to get some food delivered to your door. If you know of others that are open that day…please post it on our Facebook page. If you need something besides food, the Walgreens at 17th & South Street, 14th & Superior, and 70th & O Street are always open on Christmas. They also have some basic groceries there also if you need a gallon of milk or something like that. And many of the CVS locations will also be open on Christmas Day.

And if you happen to be looking for something to do on Christmas Day, Marcus Theatres will be open and showing all their current movies. So go catch a flick with the whole family or maybe just a good friend that needs a companion on Christmas. Remember that many do not have family here in Lincoln to spend Christmas with. So if you do know someone that may not be spending Christmas with family that may be in a different state or country, Maybe invite them to a movie with your family and help them feel included and loved on this special holiday.