Back to Basics, Restaurant Delivery is what we do!

Restuarant Food Delivery Lincoln NeWe always go Back to the Basics. There are a few reasons Errandbug has succeeded in Lincoln. The largest reason is that we have excellent customers and great staff members. We value honesty and working with our customers no matter what walks of life they come from. Keep it as easy and as simple as possible.

We understand that the restaurant business is a tough business to be in. There is competition on almost every corner. Prices are always on the rise. We are here to help as much as possible. We want your restaurant to be here next year for our customers as much as the restaurant owner wants to be there. This is why we have continued the same policies we started with. We will never ask any restaurant for a penny to be on our website. We will never ask any restaurant for a food discount to deliver their food. There is absolutely NEVER any cost to the restaurant to do business with us. We believe strongly that the restaurant and their staff deserve what they charge for their product. Sometimes we even see some that we think should probably charge a little more. Lincoln, NE has a lot of what we call “High Value” Restaurants. This philosophy also allows us to give your customer exactly what they want. If they call in asking for your restaurant we will never suggest another partner restaurant or any of the like. We strive to get the customer exactly what they want from your restaurant.

As always, putting the customer in the Driver’s seat 🙂