Red 9’s Midknight Grille is one of Lincoln’s best kept secrets…

Midknight Grille Lincoln NeI have a secret I have been holding back on. It is something I have been telling friends about but have not really spilled the news about. We have been focusing on a revamp of the menus page and the back end of the website in preparation for a transition and I have been not been posting as much as I should. Lincoln is growing rapidly. One has to only take a quick look at our West Haymarket area to know that we are in a transition period. Sometimes I wonder if Lincoln will be the same as before. We are a city on that has small town values but is growing into a large city. I sometimes worry that our small midwestern roots will fade with the growth.

But there is a small town bar that has shown us a whole new perspective in Lincoln. Red 9 is a inspiration to us. Many of us remember rumors of this building being demolished several years back. P.O. Pears was in this location for many years. After they left the area this building, its history, and its famous red exterior was in a state of limbo. I am so very pleased that the current owners took this concept to the next level. While some others in town have claimed to redefine the Lincoln night life, Red 9 has truly done just that. A huge tip of the hat to the leadership this group of individuals have shown to Lincoln.

Now to the secret, Inside the workings of the bands and awesome outside band area, Red 9 has hatched a pabulum. Midknight Grille is full of life and images of greatness. This is not just bar food my friends, this is greatness in the works. Below are some images of their work. Their full menu is growing and changing as they grow. They are open for Lunch and Dinner and it is definitely worth the trip to the downtown area. The other plus is that parking around Red 9 is easier to find than currently in the Haymarket area. And yes, of course we will deliver anything on their menu to anywhere in Lincoln. Just give us a call and we will make it happen.

Midknight Grille Lincoln NeMidknight Grille Lincoln NeMidknight Grille Lincoln NeMidknight Grille Lincoln Ne