Leadbelly is open in the haymarket…A stunning addition to Lincoln’s Night Life!

Leadbelly Delivery Lincoln NeThere is a new player in the Lincoln Haymarket. Leadbelly Contemporary American Pub opened a little over a week ago and we have heard only good things from folks. It is definitely setup inside like a bar style environment. But the outside seating areas are excellent. They have totally revamped the exterior compared to how this building appeared just a few months ago. There is room for a row of individual group tables that makes it feel very open and still plenty of room for everyone to move.

We really like the Leadbelly concept, it fits the Lincoln Haymarket heritage very well. The train idea hits home with what surrounds the area. This may not have been done on purpose but it is very catchy. The folks who own Leadbelly are also not new to the restaurant scene. They are the same group who own and run Toast Deli out in the Fallbrook area. Toast has consistently impressed me and I have always thought if they did well way out there than they have to be doing something really well. Fallbrook is an awesome area but it is also a little off the beaten path that most restaurant goers select. This is something that Leadbelly is going to have a whole different experience, it is located in what is becoming the most competitive and heated restaurant area in town. Lots of suburb dining choices so the food has to be excellent and top notch to keep folks from being pulled away from the others in that area. From what we have tasted so far and from the Toast experience, I believe Leadbelly Contemporary American Pub is a winner.

Here is a link to a large copy of their Menu.

But don’t take our word for it. Get down there and get a taste for yourself. Or, of course, have it delivered to anywhere in Lincoln, NE!

And don’t take our word for it. Mr. Wilson’s Review who I have to say is one who really does a fine job of writing on Lincoln issues. And also the Ground Zero Review by Jeff Korbelik of Journal Star fame. Both solid reviews on the food. So far…popular opinion is that Leadbelly has the mustard to survive in the Lincoln Haymarket.

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