Welcome back UNL & other college campus students…let us help you with the moving!

School is officially in session and we are really excited.  This is the most exciting semester for freshmen students with the exception of the last semester before you graduate!  Now for what we can do for you.  Many students have limited access to transportation off of campus.  Need something from Target…we can grab it for you.  Any errands you may need…we got you covered.  Tired of the food choices on campus…I know you can only eat so much of the standard pizza & Jimmy’s before you are craving something that is not the normal delivery goods.  As you get prepped up for the late night study thing…remember, Errandbug can deliver Village Inn, Perkins, Hi-Way Diner, and many others 24 HOURS A DAY.  Our delivery rate starts at $5 with no need to tip, it is never required…we know students are not loaded!  But the guys and gals who deliver for us do appreciate it.  As we say…as long as it is open we deliver it!  And of course…we are all patiently awaiting the football…ok, maybe patiently is not the word for it.