Amu Manu Ramen Bar brings something unique to downtown Lincoln, NE

Amu Manu Ramen Menu Lincoln NE

Well I have seen and heard a lot of cries in Lincoln, NE for local restaurants that are not just another this or another that. I have heard folks complain that the newest restaurant in town is just another burger, pizza, or copy of another concept. So a local restaurant that already offered a very independent taste through OSO Burrito has raised the bar in Lincoln with another spectacular offering. It is different, unique, and something new to try in a market filled with a lot of the same.

Amu Manu’s menu is starting out very simple but will surely expand as they grow down there. Clicking on the image to the right will also make it larger… We missed the OSO Burrito location downtown but saw movement in there so we knew something was in the works. Rumors were going around that a noodle something was going to happen. They will be OPEN on Monday, April 7th for lunch and normal hours will soon be established. We sincerely hope that those Lincolnite’s that have been asking for something different get in there and support the project. Seems like sometimes we here a lot of demand for unique and different local tastes and then we see sometimes lackluster support until the restaurant is closing its doors. It feels good in Lincoln to see brave and savvy restaurants break into the market. We have seen this several times in the last decade with many local startups. Some are still around and some have fallen…so Lincoln, get in there and get some Ramen!!!

Amu Manu Ramen Bar is located at Centennial Mall & O Street, That is 15th & O Street for those not super familiar with that area…That is the street that has a straight view of the capitol building and UNL campus that is currently under construction building Lincoln’s new updated Centennial Mall park area for downtown. It seems to be taking a very long time to happen but we would think this summer there will be a lot of progress made down there as well on the P Street renovations which has been plagued with several delays that has hurt a few local businesses down there.