Why follow the others…When you can LEAD the pack! Errandbug Delivers ANYTHING!

Saves you MoneyWhen I started Errandbug I knew of many companies around town that delivered to their clients.  This is very expensive for many of these businesses and some struggle to be able to offer this service.  So errandbug was born.  We leverage the errands of many to make it more affordable for all.  Some companies only have a few deliveries a day and have their delivery staff there all day to run those deliveries.  We fix that issue…you only call on us when you need something delivered.  This is a huge help to local restaurants, drug stores, lawyer offices, & so many others.  No more wasted payroll, no more extra payroll taxes, no more idle employees, no expensive insurance on delivery vehicle, and of course…no need for a delivery vehicle & gas!  We lead the pack in Lincoln by doing it all for you.  We can do the hardware store run and also bring you back lunch all in one run.  So what does this do for you…simple…MORE MONEY your business keeps!  For local restaurants…offering delivery means more orders.  It is as simple as that.  Give us a call and let us help you leverage your business!  We run the errands and deliveries while you do what you do to run your business.  And don’t forget our…August Super Fast Food delivery rate…ONLY $5 on any order under $15!