Cornhuskers defeat FAU in surgical fashion, Helu Jr. & Zac Lee shine in season opener

Nebraska vs. FAU in lincoln ne Helu & Lee stand outThe Huskers were right on par for Saturday’s game with FAU. We saw two real stand out players. First was Helu Jr that put up great numbers, 152 rushing yards AND 3 touchdowns. And we got our first real look at Zac Lee. Zac Lee did a spectacular job also with the exception of one interception which was right on target just under thrown. And Zac Lee also has some legs! After the Huskers got a good margin in place I was glad to see the 2nd & 3rd strings in there getting some game time. This is so important to depth of a team. The last thing you want is a vital player getting hurt. And secondly and I think just as important…fatigue. Get the fresh legs and arms in there and let them take a stab at things. I would love to see a team this year where we KNOW that the backup quarterback is ready for action. I think in years past that sometimes we were so dependent on the primary quarterback that the backup was never used…sometimes I wonder how the season that Joe Ganz ran the second half of would have been if he was rotated in earlier. Our defense also looked really good. Holding FAU to ONLY 3 points. I would have liked to see more penetration and we had great pass protection but…we had NO sacks? What is the deal there folks? And overall we had 86 yards of penalties…can’t have that in a tough game. This was a great start…but we still have some work to do.