Healthcare professionals tapping in on Errandbug’s potential

There is a long list of services we provide in Lincoln NE. We try not to limit ourselves! But one of the most important services we provide is to the healthcare market. More importantly home healthcare. We are on call & available 24 hours a day. We can swing out and check on grandma at 4AM if she called and hung up. We can also provide non-medical assistance to anyone on your client list. There are quite a few home health care providers around town. These typically focus on helping seniors stay in their own homes and help them with whatever medical needs they may have. We step in and help out with the non-medical issues. The errand running, delivery of meals, check in visits, house chores, you name it. Billing can be done directly to the client or through the health care company. This helps out the health care provider also…their most important resource is their staff. Their staff can focus on the clients that have medical needs and we help pick up those whole just need basic assistance. This enables the company to leverage their staff like never before and in the end helps their bottom line. Many companies are surprised to find out they can write off $1500 a year in concierge services to their own offices. And even more surprised that many times they can write off all of the services that their clients use as a business expense. As a amusing note…I did not realize until tonight that proper American English is “healthcare” as one word…not two!