Grocery delivery from any local Lincoln Ne store…

Grocery Delivery Lincoln NeGrocery delivery is an priceless tool for many in Lincoln that for whatever reason can not drive or choose not to. We deliver top-quality produce, meat, seafood, dairy, and other grocery items from the store of your choosing. There are quite a few grocers in Lincoln to choose from, Russ’s, HyVee, Leon’s, Ideal, you name it we will shop the one you prefer. Maybe you even want to mix it up a bit…Prosciutto from Leon’s and rolls from The Grain Bin on 48th & Hwy 2. Believe me…Leon’s is one of the few grocers in town that have this special fine ham as well as some other hard to find items.

Just make us a list and we will take care of the rest. When you call in we will give you an email address to send the list to or it can be faxed in. There is a super Grocery List Maker that is free and easy to use. You click on the items you want in the aisles menu on the left. Then you can click on the little pencil next to each item to tell us what brand, size, etc. We are looking for one that does the size thing automatically…please be specific so that we get you exactly what you want. If you do not mention a brand or size we typically will pick up what we consider to be the most common choices. Before you start go ahead and sign up for an account on the Scott’s site…it is completely free and their list thing works really good. The other nice thing about signing up is that you can save your list and reuse it later again. This comes in handy for single guys like me that tend to purchase the same items each time I go to the store.

And if you happen to need this done in the middle of the night…no problem here in Lincoln as many local grocery stores are open 24 hours a day. Our grocery shopping rates start at $15. This service also comes in really handy if you happened to forget something you needed.