NE Huskers take on the ASU Red Wolves this Saturday…We deliver the food & drinks!

Huskers vs ASU in Lincoln NeThis Saturday’s Husker game is even more exciting than last week! We saw the first look last week…now we get to see the Huskers do even better this week. I think we will not see quite the same score board. And this week I think we will see some sacks. That was completely missing last week on the defensive side of things. ASU does have a better offense than the FAU so we should get a chance to see a challenge there. Personally I dislike when we roll right over teams…I like a football game I can watch til the end while biting my nails. But these are great practice for the tough games later this season. I hope with all my heart that the Red Wolves bring some heat so we are tested well for when the larger challenges come this season. Also note that last week ASU held MVSU to just 69 yards of total offense! That was a record in their conference. So this could be a VERY interesting game. Also…we apologize that the Husker Spot feeds is not quite working all the time. I am sure the folks over there are working on it…busy weekend ahead for those guys.