What keeps you going and motivates you at work?

We Can Do ItWhat is it in life that keeps you moving at work? Sometimes this is a hard question to answer. Here is a list of possibilities…independence, recognition, achievement, power, prestige, money, pressure, self esteem, family, security, personal growth. This is a pretty short list but there are many more. For me personally I tend to hold my son as the reason to keep moving every day. Independence used to be a motivation for me…but being a small business owner is not really an experience in freedom. As most small business owners know you become intimately tied to the daily work and it becomes very difficult to pull yourself away for a few days for a break. But there is one thing I can do to make your business life a little easier. Our staff can deliver ANY restaurant in Lincoln Ne to you for lunch or dinner. It may not seem like much…but I tell ya after a long day at work there is nothing like sitting back and enjoying an order of Applebee’s nachos without the hassle of running out to grab them. They also have that 2 for $20 promotion going on now which is just an incredible deal.