M&N Sandwich now delivers to anywhere in Lincoln

M&N Sandwich a Lincoln favoriteI grew up going to Lincoln High and around the Southwest side of Lincoln. M&N sandwich has always been right around the 27th & Randolph area. Many in Lincoln Ne have not given this little shop a chance…and they are missing out. Norm has one of the most authentic Chicago Style sandwich shops in town. This is a really good sandwich. Forget your cookie cutter corporate sub shop, this is a whole different experience. He moved a few years back to across the street from his old location. The newer location is pretty nice. Just go try it…you will love the food. The menu is in our menu section. Norm is well known for his pastrami sandwiches. My personal favorite is the corned beef & Pastrami combo…I like it loaded with the peppers and onions. M&N is a gem of a restaurant in town and I recommend them often when someone is looking for something new to try. It is a unique and outstanding sandwich shop in Nebraska that breaks away from the everyday eating routine. And yes…of course we will deliver it to you!