Lincoln’s Errand & Restaurant delivery service is growing quickly!

Lincoln Errands & Restaurant DeliveryLincoln’s Errand and Restaurant delivery service is growing at a good pace now. Each month is a new experience and more growth. Lincoln has been very kind to Errandbug. Some do not know about errandbug’s history. It actually did not start with me. It has been a concept that has been floating around since around 2002. What is really interesting is that it was not all that far from Nebraska…Just up in Springfield, Illinois. They even serviced a town called Lincoln there also. Small world! They used to offer some of the same services…we just expanded on the whole concept to include additional services. There were some different catch phrases back then…but overall same idea. It is fun to look at the history there and to see how things have changed and grown over such a short time period. But now fast forward to today. Today Errandbug is a super FAST Lincoln restaurant delivery & errand service. We service all of Lincoln, Waverly, Ceresco, Crete, Seward, Hickman, and even do some trips to the Omaha area. We look forward to being your personal errand boy. We try to keep the prices a cheap as possible so everyone can enjoy having their own professional personal assistant whenever they may need it. Our rates start as low as $5! Just give us a call today…we will make sure you get taken care of FAST! Zip, Zoom, Buzz, Delivered!