Huskers homecoming more about 300 sellouts than who we are playing. If watching at home we will gladly deliver your dinner!

Louisiana-Lafayette vs HuskersThere has not been a lot of talk about our upcoming game against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns. Yes last week was a painful sting…but time to move on and get on with the rest of the season. Saturday is the first time we have ever played the Ragin’s Cajuns. They are 2-1 this year and pulled an upset over Kansas State just a few weeks back. So they are a capable team. However that win was sloppy at best, three first-half turnovers from Louisiana-Lafayette that Kansas just could not seem to take advantage of. Our Huskers are going to be eager to prove that they can bounce back. Even more so I think the offense will have something to prove this week after a game last week with zero touchdowns. There is some talk going around on the blogs that fans are hopeful that this will be the season’s first shutout. I can support that. The focus this game will be all about our heritage and fan support. 300 sellout games is a huge record. And I don’t see that record stopping there. 400 here we come! But let us not forget that we are playing football tomorrow and not let our celebrating get us to ignoring the game at hand. And of course…if you need dinner, beer, wings, some extra onion dip, we got your back and will deliver at any point during the game or afterwards. GO BIG RED!