Lincoln City Council does it once again…turning away business!

Once again Lincoln is in a situation where we may be loosing potential business and tax revenues because our Lincoln City Council makes it difficult for people and companies to do business here. Randy Archer would like to build a hotel at 10 & N. Not only would this revitalize that particular block…which is looking poor to say the least. But would also put some of the unemployed to work here in the Capital City! All this over 50 feet of green space. We have to really ask ourselves…is a master plan that is so inflexible that it drives people & businesses away really worth it? Put the green space plan somewhere else…this does not seem like rocket science to me. Turn away redevelopment interest in downtown Lincoln? Maybe we would still have the State Fair here if we did not have this attitude that it is the master plan way or the highway. I am still convinced that the UNL Technology Park could have easily been put just west of Haymarket Park and both could have been a reality. The City of Lincoln has long had a rap for being a town that was hard to do business in…and once again those who approve these decisions are showing the residents of Lincoln Ne why. Growth is growth. There is a reason Omaha grows faster than Lincoln…cause the leaders there LET IT GROW. Sometimes I sincerely wonder about these folks. As they say…History repeats itself.