Errandbug helps busy moms all across Lincoln Ne with errands & food delivery!

Busy mom errands & food deliveryWe had a great reminder this week from a customer about how much our service is needed in Lincoln. Many of our clients are stay at home moms with several young children to attend to. We also service several daycare providers here in Lincoln. Some are home daycares and others are larger operations. These business require that they have a certain number of staff at all times. And for home daycare providers packing up several children for a grocery or restaurant run is just more of a headache than it is worth. We do certainly understand those situations.

One client of ours has had a very bad couple of months. Husband is away serving in the military and then the car broke down also. This is when we were introduced to April & her family. She manages to take care of 3 kids all on her own. But the car breaking down was a real inconvenience for her. It was going to cost a little over a grand to fix the car. They just did not have the money. She called and we explained our pricing to her. For the cost of fixing your car she could use us a whole lot. And you will not have to worry about gas, car insurance, oil changes, etc. Needless to say she was excited to hear that. April uses our service for a little bit of everything. But more than anything it makes us feel good knowing that we can help. We take care of the errands, groceries, restaurant deliveries while she saves a little each month to get the car fixed. Busy moms like April are exactly who we were looking to help when starting Errandbug.