Dinner & beer delivered while you watch the Missouri Tigers & Huskers battle on a slip and slide!

Missouri Tigers vs HuskersThe Huskers do have a formidable task ahead of them tonight. The Missouri Tigers have not lost yet this year in their non-conference play. They are missing Chase Daniel’s this year but their former Husker recruit Blaine Gabbert is playing very well. No interceptions this year…but that may change tonight as they face the toughest defense they have played this year. Nebraska has gotten a lot of props from insiders after the Virginia Tech game for holding the Hokies back. The Hokies stormed over their next opponent the following week after playing the Huskers. Tonight will give us a good look at the rest of the season. The Tigers have the spread offense system pretty well down. And that has been a challenge for the Huskers for the last few years. Making things even more interesting will be the rain. There has been a lot of it the last few days and that could make for a slippery field. We will have to cross our fingers that neither team has any serious injuries. A slippery field can mean a lot of accidental slides and slips that can seriously cause some damage. Say some prayers for both teams to play safely. But this is it…first conference game of the season. GO BIG RED!