Sick in Bed? We deliver hot food, soup, & medicine!

Lincoln Ne restaurant delivery for the sickThis year with the swine flu adding to the mess of the cold season we have been extremely busy. We have started getting a lot of calls from individuals around Lincoln that are sick. We completely understand how you feel…when you are sick you do not really want to get up and do much of anything. Let alone cook for the kids, run and grab medicine, and whatever else is on your plate. But we can help you. Don’t feel like cooking…well we can definitely take care of that with ease. How about a bowl of soup from Breada or a bowl of chili from Runza. Or maybe some French Onion from Penera Bread. You name it we will deliver it. On top of all that…if you happen to run out of medicine in the middle of the night…don’t worry…we are still up and rolling at 3AM! Just give us a call and we will run to whatever store you prefer and bring you some additional relief. We are YOUR personal assistants and are waiting to serve YOUR needs!