PC Diagnostic Dice helps you figure out your PC Problems…SUPER FAST!

PC Diagnostic DiceHave you ever needed help with your home PC? Or maybe had to call he tech support line for your big box PC or internet connection was down? Let me tell you…some times it really is like calling for answers you think you already know. yeah, my PC is not turning on. uh, yep, I have it plugged in. Yeah, I have power cycled the dsl modem over and over today…it stays on for two minutes and then the internet stops again. Little did you know that the cough out answers you get on the phone are produced by a random roll of 3 dice. Yeah…I am talking yahtzee style dice, except with word on the sides. I found the secret of most help desks online at ThinkGeek.com. You thought your IT dept was giving you a well thought out answer…well they really just rolled a set of these dice and read you back the answer. Something like, I don’t know, maybe you should replace the PC since it has a bad spyware infection. This site has some pretty funny stuff on it. Not sure how really useful any of it really is. But they make great gifts for that person you know that is always having their friends call them up asking for computer help!