Lincoln Ne Restaurant Delivery for as little as $5 Bucks! ANY Restaurant!

It is as simple as that. $5 bucks and you do not need to tip if you don’t want to. ANY food orders $15 or less…$5 will deliver in Lincoln NE! We have NO hidden fees, NO forced gratuity tacked onto your order, when we say it is 5 bucks…well…it is 5 bucks! NO GIMMICKS! What we quote you here is what you pay. We deliver any restaurant as long as they are open. That means if they are open 24 hours then they deliver 24 hours a day. Perkins is a great late night hunger fix. Another Lincoln favorite is IHOP. We keep our pricing low so everyone in town can afford this wonderful service. If you work nights…no problem…we will deliver to your job. Stuck at the airport on a layover in Lincoln, we will bring you whatever you can think of. Hungry for a Big Mac in the middle of the night but the kids are already in bed…not a problem. Menus are in the menu section. Simple and Fast is our motto and we live by it.