Ne Huskers have swapped roles in just a few years…Offense suffers now.

Huskers offense in limboWe have had an interesting year so far. Our defense is back to a really prime level. So much so that we are almost totally dependent on the defense at this point to win our games. Ndamukong Suh is obviously the stand out player there and is getting a lot of well deserved attention. But others behind him are also producing great results. In my opinion…those blackshirts should be given to our defense that has literally held our tough games together.

I have had some time to sit and think about this year. I am a big picture guy. We got rid of a coach that was a offensive coordinator…and well during his time here…guess what…we had mostly offensive success and a miserable defense. Now fast forward…we have a head coach with a defensive background. Imagine that, our defense has improved. But our offense has become anemic at best lately. Our defense held together the Virginia Tech game. If it was not for our defense holding three quarters of the game down in Missouri the Tigers would have pounced us so badly. I do not blame it on our quarterback either. It is a offense as a whole you have to look at. We do not have four solid running backs to rotate through. We have a couple of really decent receivers. (I really miss Nate Swift…that kid could catch anything!) Our most painful weakness is the red zone. We have had several games this year where the lions share of points were from field goals? Bo & Carl know defense like the back of their hands…but their is some obvious shortcomings in the offensive side of the issue.

So either of a couple of things really need to happen.  I would like to see both quarterbacks play a lot…I sometimes wonder what could have been if Joe Ganz had been rotated in a little sooner in a few seasons. Fresh legs, arms, & perspective can do wonders. The offensive coaches need to get us to a fundamental set of plays that we can perfect. Then we need do them over and over until someone stops them. Bo is the man for the job in every way…but I do feel he needs to let the offensive coaches call the plays. He is the all seeing final call of course. I feel everything in life comes down to several basic items…and I think that is what we need to focus on, the very basics that define our offense. Obviously just a husker fans humble opinion and as the saying goes…everyone has one.