Huskers vs Oklahoma Sooners…This could get messy. We deliver the dinner, snacks, & beer!

Huskers vs Oklahoma SoonersHusker fans will be glued to the television and to the stadium seats tonight. This is going to be a tough game folks. The rivalry going on here is a long standing one. And the Huskers will have a lot to prove here. The Sooner’s are coming into the game winning their last two games. Both teams are 5-3 on the season. So both teams are basically in the same situation as far as season expectations and results. But do keep in mind that most of Oklahoma’s opponents this year were ranked in the top 25…in fact all of their first four games were against ranked teams. The huskers played games that we were well…expected to win without much fanfare. Bob Stoops is an excellent coach, 114-27 in his 11th season at Oklahoma. So Bo and crew will have to pull out some good play calling in this one. And our players will have to focus on ball security and going the whole game without getting sloppy. As Bo Pelini has said from the start of the season, consistency is a huge issue. Good Luck Huskers. We will be chanting GO BIG RED from the stadium to our living rooms. Lets show the Sooner’s a hard played game on a awesome warm fall day.  And of course…we will be out doing deliveries during and after the game.  So should you need something from Granite City or some batteries from Target.  We got you covered.