RED 9 – Lincoln’s NEWEST & BEST Entertainment venue!

Red9 Lincoln NEIf you have not had the opportunity to swing in and check out what was done to PO Pears…you need to put it on your list. I miss the food…but these folks have really out done themselves and made a awesome new experience for Lincolnites. And their food is also just as good! This place is beautiful…the design work was done by Excelsior Home & Design , Aeloa and staff did an awesome job transforming what was there into a modern and gorgeous interior. The calendar is packed with bands and other entertainment. I always see something going on out there now since summer is here…what used to be a sand volleyball area is now a full outdoor stage area begging for your attendance! Their site says it best “red9 is nebraska’s premiere entertainment venue. located in lincoln, red9 is comprised of 3 rooms, each with it’s own unique feel. dynamic entertainment space, a performance stage, dance floor and a luxurious lounge are housed within one of Lincoln’s most historic and beautiful buildings. red9 is fast becoming the hottest entertainment and gathering place for the people of lincoln.”