Lincoln Ne Restaurants and Businesses OPEN Christmas Day!

This year we have a perfect storm. May businesses that would normally be open on Christmas day…also decided to close today due to the snow mess. The main streets are looking pretty good. But the side streets are a complete disaster with a layer of the last snow and ice with a nice fresh 4-6 inches on top. On top of all this…there are huge drifts everywhere. But there are a few Lincoln Nebraska businesses that are open for business. All the 24 hour Walgreens locations are open. This included 17th & South, 70th & O, and several others. Restaurants that we know are open…Village Inn & Great China Buffet on 61st & O. Selection today is very slim as almost everything closes on Christmas. There are also several gas stations open that you can pick up beer at. But that is about it folks. Have a safe and very merry Christmas. Treasure these special moments with your family!

UPDATE: Village Inn has now closed for the day also.