KFC has some new SPICY wings…and “The Bug” delivers them!

Wings Delivery Lincoln NeIf you have not tried KFC’s new spicy grilled wings…you should. I recently was out and about…and stopped in to have a snack. I saw the display on the window and decided to give them a try. I like KFC a lot more now that they have added the grilled chicken to their menu. I am sure it is probably just a unhealthy for me…but the idea of not being fried just mentally gives me the idea that it is better. I was very surprised by the fast food company. The wings are great, not too hot, just right for my tastes. Most hot wings are deep fired and then smothered in a sauce of your choosing. These have the seasonings applied…then are grilled. I did not have any ranch with them…but that may have made them even better.

We have also been starting to hear a lot of customers casually refer to us as “the bug”. We kind of like it…It was kind of the point of the name to be a little catchy. So we are rolling with it. Just like Radio Shack has embraced the name “the shack”. But whatever you may be in need of…remember that Errandbug, aka, the bug…delivers to anywhere in Lincoln Nebraska.