Free internet faxing…easy with

Delivery Lincoln NeI am going to share a very useful tool I have found out there on the internet. I very rarely send outgoing faxes…but every now and then I have someone that would like an invoice faxed over or some document that must be faxed into somewhere. For this I use a free service called Fax Zero.

This is a really useful little website…if your fax is less than 3 pages…absolutely free for up to 2 fax jobs every day! Now for these “free” faxes they do send a cover page with an ad on it…but can’t complain about that when it is free. They do have a very cheap paid service also for larger documents. The reason I use this service is simple. I scan in whatever document I need or I can simply attach any word or pdf document…and just attach it just like one would an email. Super simple!

But of course….if you live in Lincoln and need a document delivered right now that must be the original document. Well, never fear…Errandbug is here. Just give us a call and we will get right over there to help you out and getting those sensitive documents where they need to go! ┬áDocument delivery in Lincoln, even going to Omaha or from Omaha to Lincoln, we got you covered.