Husker Spring Game…a reminder that Football season is coming soon!

Husker Football Lincoln NeRed-White Spring Game today at 1PM. This is our first look at this years lineup. Obviously we are playing ourselves…sometimes I think this game would be even more fun if we would agree to play a spring game in each city with another team…ie, you come play here…then we will come play there. Of course that brings up the point that we could “lose” the spring game. Whereas it is now…we win no matter what. Maybe we should bring down the UNO Mavericks for a little spring game fun. Obviously the UNL Huskers would outclass the Mavs, well at least they had better. But that would be really cool…and maybe the second string of Huskers could then return the favor and go up and play in Omaha one day. That would make this a little more exciting for sure!

Was out and about on campus getting some tailgaters some last minute needs, batteries for cameras, some Raising Canes chicken fingers, and some other odds and ends. So whatever you may be in need of…whether it is a couple boxes full of hot wings or a case of beer for the tailgate crew…we so got you covered. Don’t let your friends drive and get more after drinking…that is what we are here for. Pick any restaurant or liquor store in Lincoln Ne…we deliver any of them!