Special Olympics in Lincoln Ne over…now what to do with that countdown sign?

Red 9 Countdown Sign Lincoln NeWell the Special Olympics took over Lincoln for the better part of the week. It kept us super packed with food deliveries to many of the local hotels. And a bunch of other odds and ends…it is amazing how much stuff people in hotels forget to bring with them. But now that it is all over…what is the plan for the huge countdown sign outside of Red 9? I am not sure the folks at red 9 are allowed to redo it or not…but for what? Obviously half of Nebraska would say lets do a countdown to Husker football kickoff. But maybe it should be more creative…I mean the Journal Star is already counting down the days to Husker Football kickoff.

Best idea I have heard so far is that it should be set to countdown the estimated time of completion of the new Haymarket Arena. Wondering if anyone else has any ideas?