Huskers vs Kansas State…First solid game of the year!

Kansas State Vs Huskers Lincoln Ne Well here we are. This is our first Big 12 game of the year. And also our first major talent opponent. Both teams are walking into this game with 4-0 records for the year. So this is going to be a good solid and meaningful game for both teams. The Huskers are coming off a win from South Dakota State that was a little sloppy by most peoples opinion. A win is a win but now we have yet to play a ranked opponent…so this could tell us a lot tonight. About Kansas State, their quarterback, Carson Coffman has gotten a lot of grief. But let me tell you something, he has the 3rd highest completion third highest pass completion rate in the Big 12. That is kind of a big deal. Running Back,
Daniel Thomas, has proven to be a huge threat also this year. Thomas has already racked up 628 yards and 6 touchdowns this year. And head coach, Bill Snyder, has lead K-State to a Big 12 title and three conference championship game appearances. And we are walking into Manhattan to play, you had better believe that those Wildcats do not plan on loosing in front of the home town crowd.

The game tonight is on television at 6:45 p.m. on ESPN. If K-State gets their offense clicking this could be a really good game to watch. The Huskers are also going to need to really click on the offensive side of things…this may be a game where we see quite a bit of quarterback Zac Lee in the game. The other quarterbacks have done very good, but nothing accounts for big game experience. And if you ask me Zac Lee is the only QB we have with that experience. If you don’t have cable…get over to Buffalo Wild Wings or anywhere else in town that has a big TV and watch this one. And of course…we will be on duty. So feel free to give us a call for an extra case of Beer or some great local food!