Cricket Sanyo Zio phone review…after one month

Cricket Sanyo Zio phone reviewWell we made the decision about a month ago to give all the drivers the same phones across the board. It helps to be a little universal and know that everyone in the company has the same abilities, etc. So we were with Sprint and had some issues there…ie, lots of dead zones around Lincoln, Ne. So we went over and talked to Cricket…our rep came to bat for us and we were one of the first to get our hands on the new Sanyo/Kyocera Zio smart phones. It runs off of Android. It is the older version of Android…but an upgrade to the current 2.2 version is in the works from what we were told…that is good cause I use lots of bluetooth stuff…and this current version does not support several items I tend to use.

Feature wise it has a 600 Mhz processor which we have found a little doggy but comes to bat with a gorgeous 800×480 wide touch screen. The phone is completely touch…which is good and bad. I immediately swapped out the standard touch keyboard for Swiftkey (I was a beta tester for this package). It has all the standard stuff, 3G, 3.2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a memory card slot that supports up to a 32GB card, and 512 MB of on-board memory for apps. Web browsing is effortless and Android’s browser is very responsive. We love the google maps feature and have found it responsive and fast also. The other thing I absolutely love about the phone…it is thin and very light. This is probably its biggest draw for me. I also immediately modified a invisibleSHIELD to fit it. Had to order a kit for the HTC kit and then cut it to fit nicely. That protects the screen very well while still allowing the touch screen to remain usable.

On the bad side…battery life is horrible. Well when compared to our old Motorola Q’s with the extended batteries. Will be VERY excited when the aftermarket folks make a double size battery and cover for this unit. Secondly we have found that every now and then that the front buttons stop responding very well. The back button always seems to start working after a bit…but the menu button is a little touchy. I have my invisibleSHIELD not covering these areas as I noticed this behavior before putting the shield on there.

With the exception of being a little slow as far as overall speed, the phone has really shined. We have recommended the phone to several other groups in town. For our needs it fit perfect…and Cricket has also been a very good fit for what we do. Their network is a thousand times better than several years ago…and in Lincoln it has performed better than Sprint was doing.