Politician Sign Pollution, yuck, November 2nd is almost here!

politician Sign PollutionI really do like to go vote and all that jazz…but I really think that all the thousands of signs need to go. In Lincoln Nebraska there is actually a sign law that most businesses are supposed to be following…I find it interesting how the political machines that actually make these laws directly violate these laws and post their signs everywhere! Bill boards, television spots, newspaper ads, door fliers, mailings are all great and dandy means to advertise. It just wears on me to see messes like these signs at 27th & Vine in Lincoln. The picture is a thumbnail so you can click on it to see the larger image. It is just an eye sore to look at, It almost makes me not even want to vote for anyone, ie, do I really want to support anyone who is polluting an otherwise good looking corner of Lincoln? I can only imagine the phone call from Police Chief Tom Casady if I went and posted huge Errandbug signs all over town in the same manner.

I see some of these signs in very distracting areas also. I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to sue over these signs distracting them and causing an accident. I think there must be some rules of some sort governing what can be on these signs cause you rarely see anything except for the candidates name and what office they are running for on them. Maybe there should be a limit to how many total signs you are allowed to post during a campaign. I think this would encourage those doing this to purchase sign space that would get them the most bang for their buck. Just my little political rant for the day!