Winter is here and the streets are recovering quickly

Winter Driving lincoln nebraskaWell we are well into the middle of our Nebraska winter now. A very exciting time of the year…snow ball fights, snow angels, sledding. And of course with that comes some bad weather and nasty roads. We rarely ground our vehicles unless it is very dangerous and icy out. However we do charge a little differently on nasty weather days. We make sure everyone knows very clearly what the charges are upfront before doing their delivery as we do not like to surprise people. The main reason we charge a little more is because we have to drive much slower so each delivery also takes longer to do.

As many have noticed…our streets are very quickly getting plowed. Yes, Lincoln’s street crews do tend to wait til the major snow is out of the way before starting in. This is a little odd at times, we tend to rely on the “Emergency Snow Routes” to get around town…and well on Sunday night these looked just like every other street in Lincoln. But I do understand that the city also has a budget they have to work within also so there is a little bit of a balancing act that has to be done there.

Please do be very careful when out and about. On most streets as the snow gets drove over it tends to transform into a hard layer of ice. And some of the streets get very slick. We are here to deliver just about anything you may need if you do not feel like going out in the cold and driving on the icy streets. Thanks Lincoln!