Sandwich Delivery…have you tried Honeybaked Ham?

Sandwich Delivery lincoln nebraskaNot your usual lunch stop that you commonly think about…but absolutely spectacular. I have stopped in and had these amazing sandwiches on several occasions, never to be disappointed. The Ham & Turkey Bella is a perfect sandwich. I love the banana peppers on pretty much any sandwich I have these days. Not sure why most burger joints do not offer these as of yet. I really enjoy that it is not the typical sandwich you find at the fast food joints around town.

Click on the picture to view their menu. If your office wants to order in some day…This is a perfect opportunity to try out a whole lot of their menu items. The Honeybaked Ham folks can put together a great little sandwich platter for you and your staff to chow down on!

Honeybaked Hams is located at 70th & Pioneers right to the north of The Venue.