Girl Scouts Cookies Delivered! Easy to use booth location finder!

Girl Scout Cookie Delivery lincoln nebraskaWell this is a limited time offer every year. Sometimes I wonder why the Girl Scouts don’t just put their product in stores nationally…but of course that would take the fun out of it for the girls. Both my sisters did the girl scout cookie sales thing when they were younger. It was fun and easy to do. It really was more of a whole family event verses just something my sisters did.

But the Girl Scouts have expanded the time frame that people have access to the cookies. The girls have booths setup at local stores around town that they host and sell the cookies from. It is a really great idea and huge bonus to the stores that host these events also. As long as there is a booth open…feel free to give us a call. An Errandbug driver will swing over and pickup whatever cookies you are wanting. And will deliver them directly to your front door. They have a very easy to use booth locator. Just plug in your zip code and it will find the locations where the girl scouts are at in Lincoln. (Or whatever other city you happen to live in!)