Chicken Vindaloo Recipe and Indian Food Delivery in Lincoln

Indian Food Delivery lincoln nebraskaI have certain places in town that I absolutely love to go to for certain dishes. I have favorite dishes at specific Chinese restaurants. And Indian food seems to be very much the same. There are very substantial differences in recipes from restaurant to restaurant. I think we all see this the most in the Chinese restaurants…Garlic Chicken can be a whole different experience depending on where one chooses to order it from.

The reason I bring this all up is that due to the demise of The Peacock Indian Restaurant in Lincoln, Ne. I have been very much missing and craving their Chicken Vindaloo. I have started trying different recipes I have found online in the search of one that was close to the taste I remember. No one in town really has a taste that was quite the same. Tandoor has a huge menu and we will deliver anything for you. They have the largest selection and variations of dishes in Lincoln. The Oven is one of the most celebrated restaurants in town. They have a great menu also that is full of options. Another option in Lincoln is Sher-E-Punjab. Sher-E-Punjab is probably the Indian place in town that I think is a hidden gem. It is downtown at 16th & Q next to Lamar’s Donuts. If you have not given them a try…take a look at the menu and give them a taste.

For those of you that are wanting to give it a try at home. This is by far my favorite Chicken Vindaloo Recipe that I have found to my liking. It is spicy and taste is what I am looking for. You will need to go and grab some of the more common Indian food spices.