O Street is FINALLY OPEN…only took 104 days!

O Street Open lincoln nebraskaWell it has finally happened. After a fire in early December we in Lincoln, Ne are finally able to drive both ways on the Highway that runs through the middle of our town! It is almost unbelievable that in the 21st century in the United States of America we can not manage to knock down two buildings in a short time period.

Now be it the powers that be were working with insurance companies, building owners, fire inspectors, etc. to work out all the details. But at some point you have to say…we need the road open. Tear down the silly buildings and work out the insurance and other issues later. It is the main road in Lincoln and is used on a daily basis by thousands. It is plain silly and dysfunctional that this process took as long as it has. It is an eye sore and we need to move on it quickly. Not sure what will be built in the place of the two buildings. Hopefully one of the two or both the building owners will put a new classy looking building in place of the two older units. Hopefully it will all be cleaned up a short time from now.