Lincoln’s Double Roundabout in front of the Stadium…pros and cons.

Husker Stadium Roundabout Lincoln Ne
I am actually writing about two different Roundabouts today! The first is the new road in front of the Husker Stadium. I like it after driving it a few times. Of course I have a really good sense of direction and it makes sense to me. First time through it you will almost be tempted to go straight which dumps you onto 8th Street in the Haymarket. The roads department needs to put some signs up to label the streets a little more clearly, specifically which turns go to 9th street and which one goes to the Haymarket. I still greatly prefer the old straight shot style of road with exits and turn lanes to the other streets. It makes the main street through flow better. As it is now you have to slow down, go through a few sets of turns, then you are on your way again. I do like the direct links to the Haymarket and to the baseball field. But not sure it was really worth the cons that come with this project.

The cons of this new style of roadway in Lincoln is that people are not used to it. The first time people approach this thing it is really intimidating to them. I have gone through it a good dozen times. And every time so far there has been someone stopped where they are not supposed to be stopped and or looking around for where they are supposed to be going. It is very confusing for those not familiar with the area. This roadway is a highway for Errandbug and we drive it many times daily. I stopped and took some pictures for a few minutes. While there several people asked me which way they were supposed to go to get to 9th Street. The directions on where to turn for 9th and 8th streets are not very clear. One poor older lady asked me for directions and still went the wrong way. Then there was this younger guy. This fellow actually got a good way into one of the turns…then stopped and BACKED UP (yes,his car is in reverse!) to get in the right lane. Click on the thumbnails below to see the pictures better. If not a lot of traffic is in the loops you can just go around again. But most drivers in the US are not familiar with roundabouts to know you can do that.

Husker Stadium Roundabout Lincoln NeHusker Stadium Roundabout Lincoln Ne

Needless to say due to the pictures saying it for me, Roundabouts are confusing for first time users. Come first Husker home football game and this will be one of the more entertaining intersections to watch in Lincoln. I imagine there will most likely be a few fender benders involved in the next few months and Lincoln drivers adjust to this. Some may just head straight on 14th street and not use this area for awhile. Oh how I miss just simple straight roads…which reminds me of how irritating that curvy section and roundabout is out on 90th and Pine Lake road. Why that could not have been a nice straight road is beyond my knowledge!