Welcome back UNL students & Husker Football!

Round-Abouts Restaurant Delivery lincoln nebraskaHusker football is only days away! This is going to be a season to remember for many years. We are the new kid on the block in the Big 10. But already there is talk about the Huskers conquering the Big 10 title in their first year. This is not going to be the easiest task as there is a whole lot of new in this league. And we have a difficult schedule with other teams that are also very capable. Prayers will be needed for the health and safety of our players to make this work out really well for us. Taylor Martinez will be back in the mix again which is welcome. And of course Rex Burkhead and Jared Crick will be there pressing forward. There is a lot of anticipation for this year to get going due to all the unknowns.

We would like to officially welcome back all the UNL, Doane College, Union College, & Nebraska Wesleyan University students. We deliver any restaurant in town to anywhere on campus. Many students call in the middle of the night for McDonald’s and what is by far the stable of late night dining in Lincoln, NE…D’Leon’s Mexican. It is pretty hard to beat the D’Leon’s Lincoln or grilled chicken burritos at 3-4AM in the morning! We look forward to keeping you filled up and going 24 hours a day.

We also deliver just about anything else. Need some supplies from Office Depot or Staples? Need a set of headphones from Best Buy or Target? Maybe a grocery run to Walmart or Super Saver. You name it we deliver it.