Some new menus…and a lot of buzz about Crave Burgers

Crave Burgers Restaurant Delivery lincoln nebraskaI will be posting some more info about some of these places shortly. Had a chance to stop in and try Crave Burgers and it was a darn good burger. Sometimes I am really not sure how many premium burger places Lincoln really can support. It is tough competition in this town for burgers…just about every place serves them and there are some great choices around town. These burgers are made from all local ingredients so it is supporting local companies also. Here are the Crave Yelp Reviews and a good and well versed review from Mr. Wilson. They also got some good words from Jeff Korbelik in the Journal Star’s Ground Zero Review. So plenty of buzz there to get you started on learning more about Crave Burgers. I have not tried the stuffed burgers but am definitely interested!

And of course…everyone at my place LOVES Chinese food. And we tend to like to try the new places in town. But here are a few recent updates and more to come. Menu section of website is up for some major work in the near future. Easier said than done at times with our schedule!

Crave Burgers Menu
HOT WOK Chinese Menu
Cappy’s Hotspot Bar & Grill Menu
China House Chinese Menu
Ali Babas Gyros Menu
Cheesesteak Grille Menu

And looking forward to seeing Nebraska Huskers beat Chattanooga tomorrow! GO BIG RED! See you folks at the game!