Road Ninja helps you find local restaurants…

Road Ninja Restaurant Delivery lincoln nebraskaYou may have noticed the minimalistic but cool looking ninja billboards around town and kind of wondered what all that was about. Road Ninja is a new Iphone application from Lamar Advertising, the folks that sell the billboard advertising. So far it is just for the Iphone but I am sure the Android version is not far behind.

We downloaded it on an Iphone to try it out. Works really well with the exception that it is mostly the larger chain restaurants that are listed. It picks up places within a three mile radius of where you are at…which does kind of make it difficult to use if you are headed to Denver but not quite there yet. There are promotions and coupons for some of the restaurants. The largest draw of this application is that if you are driving through a city you are not familiar with and are absolutely craving Taco Bell, this app will help you find it. You tap on Taco Bell and Road Ninja will give you locations, directions on how to get there, a map, and also if there are any, reviews of the location. Of course with reviews I always take those with a grain of salt due to who really takes the time to review Burger King? The maps are Google Maps so most are familiar with how that all works. The promotions and coupons are pulled from Twitter feeds from what we have learned.

Lincoln, Nebraska did not have a huge amount of selection to choose from in the application but I am sure that this will improve if a lot of users would start downloading and using the application. Would also be nice if users could snap a picture of their favorite local deli that is not listed and post the location info into the system. But for a new application it is off to a good start.