New supersized Heinz ketchup packets coming soon!

Hobo tin foil meal beforeAlmost everyone likes ketchup on a lot of their meals. But the little ketchup packets that have been around for decades are a little less than user friendly. Not only do you need a handful of the little packets to really make it worthwhile, they are also really a pain to use if driving or something like that.

Heniz has spent well over two years researching their needs in a new packet. This is a huge market for them, Heniz sells more than 11 billion ketchup packets every year. I tend to think that is a very long time to come up with, well it needs to be larger and easier to use. In their studies they found that one of the more popular ways of using a ketchup packet in the car with fries was to squeeze the ketchup directly in the mouth then get the fries. But they now have something that is workable and is being extensively tested now in key markets. Really guys…it works, lets roll with it.

Above is a picture of the new packet, called the “Dip & Squeeze”. It is basically a small cup of ketchup that contains roughly three of the old packets. You can peel open the packet and use it to dip your fries. If you think of the sauce containers for the McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets you basically have the idea. At one end there is an area which you can squeeze out the ketchup like a traditional packet. Below is a video that answers a lot of questions.

The Dip & Squeeze marks the first Heinz Ketchup packet redesign in 42 years. Looking forward to delivering these for the first time to customers.