Subway December Special: $2 6 Inch Subs!

subway $2 delivery Lincoln Ne

Subway has a super deal for December. It is “$2 Customer Appreciation Month” at Subway. So what does that mean for you? You can order a 6″ Cold Cut Combo or Meatball Marinara and it will only cost you a whole two bucks. You can order as many as you like for $2 each. Personally I really don’t like bologna, so I would not be ordering much of the cold cut combos. But I love their meatball sub with provolone and jalapeños! It is all month long so plenty of time to take advantage of this deal.

And of course they still have their $5 foot longs if you want something else. The Western Egg & Cheese is the foot long of the month and it is available all day long. Which reminds me…if you have not tried Subway for breakfast it is a pretty good deal. I love the Steak, Egg & Cheese sub toasted and with jalapeños on it of course! Subway sandwich delivery is available anywhere in Lincoln, Nebraska via Errandbug.