Round-Abouts Restaurant: First impressions of a new concept!

Round-Abouts Restaurant Delivery lincoln nebraskaRound-Abouts Restaurant is one of the newest restaurants in Lincoln NE. And it is a very different concept indeed. We have been waiting for this one to open for awhile now due to it being something new and different. They are located in the Clock Tower shopping plaza that has been filling up very quickly in the last year or so. It is nice to see that shopping area being used again as it is in a very good location for many in Lincoln.

The concept is pretty neat. They fill a pastry “rounds” bowl with various fillings. The pastry is very flaky and texture is right on. The have meal deals, 1,2,& 3, which at round-abouts means you get 1-3 different rounds, choice of sides, and a drink. I recommend at least going with the #2 so you get a few different tastes. I had the BBQ Chicken rounds. I would like to see more substantial chicken pieces in the BBQ mix but that is just being a little picky. The salad comes with a light vinegar style dressing on it…right up my alley. The portions feel about right…if you are a light eater the #1 is a perfect fit. Sometimes I wish that all those huge burrito places had mini burrito options as it is just too much food for me in one sitting.

Give Round-Abouts Restaurant a try. It is totally worth it to try something a little different that is not the same old meal. Roundabouts menu is on their website and gives you a good idea of the options there. Their dessert is referred to as Yo-Yo’s. Same basic concept, their awesome pastry with your choice of fillings.